Deliver Your Speech or Presentation Word For Word, Without Memorization or Notes, Using The Ovation Earprompter Training
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A Certified DVBE/SDVOSB Busines    

   Speaker Training
Ovation transforms public speaking from fear to fun, and from boring to soaring communication. Our approach is designed for quick results, giving you the skills you need without wasting your time. Youčll learn all the tricks of the trade, and develop the confidence you need to actually enjoy giving your next speech. Ovation Speaker Training
WHAT? From Trepidation to Ovation
(Overcoming your fear of Public Speaking)
WHEN? At your convenience
WHERE? Our conference room in San Diego or at your location
HOW LONG? Full day and half-day workshops
  • The four key elements of easy speech preparation
  • The big three rehearsal methods, and the best one for you
  • The five primary ways of delivering your presentation
  • The three most powerful things to do in the first 10 seconds
  • Tricks of the trade to be both entertaining and entertained
  • "Domesticating" your audience
  • Maintaining your nervous edge
  • How you already participate in public speaking every day
  • RESULTS: The ability to give a presentation confidently by the end of the session
    FOLLOWUP: Phone consultations and at-the-venue coaching
    CONTACT: Please call us at 800-SPOKESMan (776-5376) for more information, or to schedule your training
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